2 Criminals Producer Taking Film Course in Los Angeles

Act One LogoProducer Paul Nethercott is enrolled in the Act One “Producing & Entertainment Executive Program.” The course offers a comprehensive overview of the industry, access to established film professionals, and a highly coveted internship where practical industry experience is gained. The Act One “Producing & Entertainment Executive Program” is an invaluable opportunity for Nethercott to grow as a filmmaker.

Nethercott answered some questions about the course:

Q. What is Act One?

Nethercott: Act One is an Non Profit Organization based in Los Angeles, CA. The mission of Act One is “to create a community of Christian professionals for the entertainment industry who are committed to artistry, professionalism, meaning, and prayer, so that through their lives and work they may be witnesses of Christ and the Truth to their fellow artists and to the global culture.”

Q. What makes Act One a valuable opportunity?

Nethercott: Instructors at Act One are experienced professional filmmakers. However, what makes Act One exceptional is the commitment to making high quality redemptive films. In other words, films made from a Christian perspective that are meaningful, artistic, compelling, and have high

Act One Panel Discussion with Thomas Parham, Jan Jensen, Steven Gerse, John Bauman, David Thomas

production values. I am here to grow in my ability to make high quality redemptive films that will impact the nation of Japan.

Q. Where is your internship?

Nethercott: My internship is at “1019 Entertainment” which is led by two prominent producers who are Christians — Terry Bottwick and Ralph Winter. Being at 1019 is a wonderful opportunity to learn what it is like to produce films in a professional context. I am thrilled to be there.

Q. What does this mean for the 2 Criminals film project?

Nethercott: The challenges of making a feature-length film are significant. The Act One program is an opportunity to gain knowledge of the craft of filmmaking, access to a large network of

Terry Brottwick & Ralph Winter, 1019 Entertainment

Terry Brottwick & Ralph Winter, 1019 Entertainment

professional filmmakers, and be in a strategic location (Los Angeles) to continue working on the film. This is an invaluable opportunity to move the 2 Criminals film project forward. I am honored and grateful to be a part of the Act One community and to do my internship at 1019 Entertainment.

Paul Nethercott is in LA from May 25 – August 18, 2014 when he plans to return to Tokyo.

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