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Finding Beauty in the Rubble: A Short Documentary

The 2 Criminals film crew is pleased to release Finding Beauty in the Rubble a short documentary featuring Mrs. Fukuoka, a remarkable lady who survived the huge tsunami that hit Japan in 2011. Mrs. Fukuoka’s home and most of her

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2 Criminals Trailer

Announcing the first 2 Criminals trailer. Please view and share it with your friends. Many thanks to all those who were part of making this trailer, you are much appreciated. 2 Criminals (official trailer) from Matthew T Burns on Vimeo.

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Thanks for reading the 2 Criminals blog! We appreciate your interest. This week’s blog post is a Q and A (see below). If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask. To get in touch, click on the “connect”

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2 Criminals Producer Taking Film Course in Los Angeles

Producer Paul Nethercott is enrolled in the Act One “Producing & Entertainment Executive Program.” The course offers a comprehensive overview of the industry, access to established film professionals, and a highly coveted internship where practical industry experience is gained. The Act One

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A “Professional” Approach

Often times when I’m talking about the 2 Criminals project, people ask what it will be “like.” There are many possible answers to that question, but generally I think people are wondering what previously-released films 2 Criminals will be comparable

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Thanks! & 2 Criminals Progress Report

2 Criminals is a feature-length film in Japanese. We anticipate finishing the film in early 2015. A big “THANKS!” to the many people who are part of getting 2 Criminals made. This amazing journey began in April of 2012 when

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