I watched your trailer and teaser for 2 Criminals. Superb! I am struck by your visual aesthetics and how completely successful you are at weaving complex thematic ideas into such a short piece through synergetic images and sounds.

Dawn W. Ford (M.F.A., Member of the Producers Guild of America, Associate Professor of Digital Media Arts at Huntington University)


“I was quite engrossed in the script and read it through in one sitting. I was drawn in by the strength of the characters and by how quickly we were catapulted into the action.”

Danielle Redford (Acquisitions Manager at Heritage Films International)


“Being a filmmaker and producer myself I know a good project when I see it. If I can assist with anything please let me know!”

Dustin Lowry (Director of International Sales at Acort International)


2 Criminals offers a riveting study of the Unforeseen―the moment where the frenzy of human violence is fully eclipsed by the terrifying power of a natural disaster.

Jonathan R. Eller (Chancellor’s Professor of English, Indiana University School of Liberal Arts)


“Everybody loves a great Gangster movie and the fascination with Japanese pop culture is on the rise. 2 Criminals has all the ingredients for a compelling cinematic experience.”

Mark Joseph (Producer for Tolkien & Lewis, Reagan, Max Rose)


Japanese are fascinated by crime dramas and stories of the yakuza, their version of the mafia. They also are fascinated when they see the evidence of a truly transformed life. 2 Criminals promises to deliver both.

Greg Thompson (Journalist, former IBM executive in Japan, CRASH Japan volunteer)


“I believe 100% in the potential of 2 Criminals… I couldn’t put it more clearly or strongly, to me this film project is a Godsend.”

Hugh Brown (Prison Chaplain in Japan, former terrorist in the Northern Ireland conflict)


I just watched the 2 Criminals teaser… Wow, I am extremely touched. I do look forward for the film to be completed. Some scenes took me right back to 2011 (when Japan’s disaster happened).

Hiroko Shimoda (Served as Operations Chief & Operations Deputy with CRASH Japan)