Thanks! & 2 Criminals Progress Report

2 Criminals is a feature-length film in Japanese. We anticipate finishing the film in early 2015.

Table picture

Shinada & Doumae

A big “THANKS!” to the many people who are part of getting 2 Criminals made. This amazing journey began in April of 2012 when an international team of filmmakers interviewed two disaster relief volunteers — Shinada and Doumae — who used to be Yakuza (see photo). Those interviews inspired us to begin working on a film based on their lives.

Since then a good deal of financial, moral and in-kind support has already come in toward the production of 2 Criminals.  We’ve had graphic designers, photographers, production assistants, IT people, cooks and artists of all types volunteer their time and talents to help us out.  The excitement for this project is energizing and it inspires us to go the extra mile in all we do.  We believe that this story is one that can bring hope and healing not just to the country of Japan, but to anybody striving to make better decisions and live a happier life.

Matthew T. Burns has finished the 5th draft of the script. Now our focus is on fundraising and preparing to shoot the film on location in Japan.

We have raised over $110,000 in donations. To initiate a plan for shooting the film, we need to raise considerably more than that. At this time we are working on budget details and looking for partners.

Our goal is to shoot before the end of 2014 which would put us in position to finish the film in 2015.

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